Extended Day

The Village Academy’s Extended Day program is a convenient choice for working parents who need child care in the evening and or morning for elementary school aged children.  At The Village Academy we provide a spirited environment modeled after our extraordinary Summer Camp program that is safe and nurturing, and packed with a range of structured activities that provide opportunities for exercise, learning, social development – and fun! The Village Academy Extended Day program is a place that parents can be assured that their children are properly supervised.  Children are provided with engaging and exciting activities, and have an appropriate balance between homework, exercise, skill development, and social activities.

Transportation is included in the weekly fee. Currently, The Village Academy picks up students at the following St. Johns County Elementary Schools: Crookshank, Osceola, Mason, and Hartley.

Each day we start our program with a Roundup and afternoon snack.  In addition to the provided snack our children have the opportunity to purchase from our Snack Shed  on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  This is something the children truly enjoy.  Although it is monitored by the parent’s preferences for their children, it is an opportunity for the child to make their own decisions and feel independent. After snack, our Extended Day students enjoy afternoon round ups which include exciting challenges and games such as ice water races, apple bobbing, chubby monkey, drinking Jello through a straw, chocolate covered marshmallow toss, and many more.  After round up activities each week also includes arts and crafts, cooking, science, and physical fitness.

On days such as Teacher Planning days and Winter / Spring Vacation, we are open and ready to provide your child with memories and fun.  The Village Academy also operates a Summer Camp program highly regarded in our area as one of the best in Northeast Florida.