Senior Preschool (2 years to 3 years)

Childhood education in action

Children at this age are naturally curious and learn best by investigating their world. We embrace multi-sensory learning and play-based experiences that are provided in a positive and safe early learning environment. Our goal is for your child to become an independent and caring person who is a motivated problem solver with a lifelong love for learning. Our highly trained teachers will introduce your child to early academic skills that will prove necessary for success in Kindergarten. Our teachers promote self-regulation and self-help skills to build self-confidence and to encourage your child’s social and emotional development. Your child will learn foundational early literacy skills such as letter names and sounds and the blending of these sounds along with other important phonological awareness skills. Your child will also be introduced to numbers and sequencing, matching, and early mathematical skills. Our teachers are trained to incorporate STEM activities (science, technology, engineering, and math) into several aspects of the daily schedule. Your child will also be introduced to emergent writing activities and will enjoy fun art projects that include art history daily. Our teachers are trained to provide both shared and independent learning experiences so that children receive differentiated instruction that is adapted to their unique developmental needs and progress. Your child will love our music and movement activities that incorporate music from around the world as well as our fitness program that is enjoyed in our large air conditioned gymnasium.

We use the Learn Every Day for Preschoolers curricula by Kaplan and we supplement this with the The Letter People curricula by Abrams and Company. Our curriculum and curriculum additions expose children to letter names and sounds, early math concepts, science and nature. We also provide a basic introduction to Spanish vocabulary, music and movement, activities to promote social and emotional development, outdoor lesson plans that incorporate science and nature lessons, and activities to promote creativity, exploration, and physical development. Each child is assessed three times during the year to record progress toward developmental milestones, and to note individual goals and objectives, including: Health and Safety, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Math and Literacy.  Teachers share the results with the child’s parents, and suggest ways to reinforce the learning at home. A portfolio of pictures and crafts from your child’s time in our SPS program will serve as cherished memorabilia of your child’s development and continue with your child during their time at The Village Academy.