Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (4s and 5s)

The objective for our Florida VPK program is to prepare these amazing young children for kindergarten. We guide our students in becoming positive and self-confident young people by promoting their social emotional development and self-regulation skills. We also introduce children to the foundational skills in early literacy, writing, science, math, health & fitness, creative arts & music, and social studies that are necessary for future academic achievement. We provide a fun-loving and cooperative classroom environment which allows for hands on experiences and child-directed instruction that serve as the basis for developing children’s lifelong love of learning. Our highly trained teachers support children’s natural curiosity and exploration by integrating math and science into all aspects of the day so that children’s early scientific skills and their development of mathematical reasoning are encouraged. Our play-based learning approach allows for a balance of both shared and independent learning experiences that provide opportunities for “creation time”, imaginative play, social experiences, and activities that foster cognitive development.  

We use Scholastic’s A Big Day in Pre-K curriculum. This curriculum allows our children to transition smoothly from our Florida VPK classes into their Kindergarten class the following year.  We find that it is common that students matriculating from The Village Academy and Village Academy North are well ahead of their peers when entering public and private Kindergarten programs.  The curriculum we use allows the children to progress at their own pace, learning the sounds the letters make and putting these sounds together in words, and the words into simple sentences.

All of our Florida VPK teachers are certified early childhood teachers and all classes over 11 children have qualified VPK aides.

Florida VPK Students